How to Protect Skin from Tanning Naturally?

Tanning, sun-burn, skin ageing are majorly influenced by these harmful ultra-violet rays that penetrate into your skin and manifest in grievous sick effects. Whereas you can’t stop yourself from stepping out, however you’ll be able to shield yourself from the harmful rays.

 Tanning Treatment

In such situation relying solely on your cream as your sole savior wouldn’t be Associate in Nursing equipped live to beat the warmth. That is why dermatologists and wonder specialists  square measure progressively urging folks to resort to natural home remedies for adequate protection from sun burn.

Moreover, sunburn isn’t with reference to your external skin turning red and being irritated. Long-time exposure to ultraviolet rays  will result in alteration of DNA, inflicting numerous health issues, as well as cancer.
Here square measure a few of different tips and natural beauty remedies you must follow this summer to safeguard yourself from sunburn –

Papaya pulp is often applied on the skin sort of a mask, laundry it off once twenty minutes. Papaya contains enzymes and helps to get rid of dead skin cells. Add curd or juice to the pulp to get rid of tan. Fruits like banana, apple, papaya and orange are often mixed along and applied on the face. Keep it on for 20min to half-hour. Papaya helps to cleanse dead skin cells. Banana tightens the skin. Apple contains cellulose and conjointly tones the skin. Orange is wealthy in ascorbic acid. It restores the conventional acid-alkaline balance.

Neem leaves are an excellent ingredient. Simmer one or two of Azadirachta Indica leaves on a awfully low fireplace in four cups of water for one hour. Leave it nightlong. Next morning, strain the water and build a paste of the leaves. The water may be wont to rinse the face. Azadirachta Indica contains organic sulphur compounds, with versatile healing actions that are of specific profit to the skin. 

Lemon Juice
Citrus made lemon may be a fantastic home remedy for sun tan thanks to its bleaching properties. You will be able to apply juice by inter-mixture it with honey or gram flour on the tanned skin and leave it for ten to fifteen minutes before laundry off the face.

Tomato Face Pack

Scrub your face with this pack to remove Sun tan: Add a teaspoon of milk 2|to 2} spoons of oatmeal and add two tablespoons of juice, some orange pulp and a couple of pinches of flower seeds. mix the mixture along so it forms a thick density sort of a face-pack. Apply it everywhere your face and neck, leave until it dries and scrub it off whereas remotion. The tomato and orange extracts can brighten your skin tone, whereas the milk can add glow.

Cucumber Mask

Face packs will get your skin back on its feet once sun  injury. If you are doing feel that the cruel sun rays have broken your skin severely, then strive mint or cucumber masks. During this method, use a watch gel mask. Before exploitation, cool off by keeping within the traditional fridge and see the amendment.

Coconut water and Sandalwood
Sandalwood has nice cleansing properties, whereas,  coconut milk is wide familiar for a glowing skin. Combine  coconut milk with one tablespoon of wood powder to form a thick mixture and apply it everywhere the face. Washes it off when twenty minutes completed. This is often an ideal cure for tanned skin.

All above are for just information and not equivalent to your treatment. For proper treatment you have to consult your doctor.
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